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Camera Boys

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CameraBoys Pros & Cons


  • Cameraboys is an extremely hassle free live webcam site with very few difficult tabs or search zones making it extremely simple to use, which means that your computer skills do not have to be advanced when using this site.
  • Perfect high definition video clips available for your viewing twenty four hours a day. This feature makes it very easy on your eye sight and gives you a better view of that perfect candidate.
  • This site is user friendly to the tee with its easy access to the world’s sexiest live webcam models seven days a week because of this sites extreme popularity they are always trying to reach out to their members offering them specific special offers from time to time.
  • Thousands of wonderful men are loaded on this site just waiting for that special someone on the other side of the monitor there is an array of categories on this site which can be geared towards a variety of members. Depending on what you fancy this site has it all.
  • Talk about a perfect site with thousands of hot men just waiting for a click and offering their translation to several different languages giving the opportunity from people all over the world full access to this site. Depending on what you are in need of, you may also search gay couple’s webcam videos instead.


  • The dark blue background with yellow lettering can be a real strain on the human eye.
  • Trying to reach their online billing services can be quite a hassle and this is something the technicians are really trying to correct.
  • Their online technical support technicians are not very easy to contact in the late hours of the evening and that can be extremely frustrating. Registering is very simple with just a few simple steps but logging back in can sometimes be very frustrating because the system seems to lock up and freeze.
  • Searching for a specific video may be very difficult at times if you have forgotten to write the full name of the video correctly. Browsing this special site is very simple but the small lettering in the descriptions seems a bit hard to read.



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