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Don’t hold back any longer and finally enter and slip into the world of online chatting for a once in a lifetime experience. Simply find someone who raises your blood pressure in that special and romantic way. offers many special possibilities when it comes to viewing sexy women on the web. With this site you can enjoy thousands of free sex cams with an amateur host or even a professional sexy porn star available with just a click away. These gorgeous women from all over the world are here to please your sexual desires.

If you are tired of searching for hot babes across the web with those other internet sites that don’t offer anywhere near what does for you. With this specialized site you can search for hot chics in all sorts of specific ways depending on your special needs. For example if you are looking for a girl alone then you have come to the right place as well as searching for guy alone. With this special pull down bar you can find exactly what your eyes are looking forward to. You can also narrow your naughty search down to specific categories such as fetish, ethnicity as well as hair color.

If you log into this specialized free site you can search for fun loving and down to earth individuals who are available for 24 hour free video chats. With this special site there is no way you will not find what you’re looking for and I can’t guarantee that.

ImLive Pros & Cons


  • This site has more pros than one can even begin to explain but the biggest advantage of this site is that it is definitely user friendly. It is very easy to maneuver from live cam to host videos in just a click of your mouse.
  • The biggest advantage of this site is the tabs split up into three different categories being that Live cams, Host videos, and Top host arena. This makes searching a lot less difficult as in other sites on the web.
  • Once you’ve clicked on a sassy video that has caught your eye you can get a quick glance of specific details such as how many views have been recorded, the actual price of the clip and the rating this video has earned.
  • High definition video clips with loads of hot and sassy action right at your fingertips.
  • Great light blue background on this special site is only designed to make your browsing experience that much easier.
  • Thousands of different clips with an array of specific categories all for your enjoyment.


  • This actual private sex chats site is designed to ease your mind with loads of hot video clips and opportunities to watch live sexy clips right online here with no hassle, but what they have not told you is that it is extremely difficult to register with
  • Contacting their live online support techs is almost impossible. Professionalism of the web technicians could be enhanced in the future.
  • Registering on this site is not very efficient and can be improved for further use.
  • Some of the video clips that are loaded in the final database are not very clear and could be deleted for future use.
  • Searching and browsing for a specific gal or guy that has caught your eye in the past is almost impossible.
  • This site is broken down into so many categories hoping to make this site more user friendly, but can get a bit confusing in the process of browsing specific categories.
  • With an array of thousands of hot video clips it may get a bit confusing on which video to actually choose in the end of your search.

Conclusion is a specialized steaming hot website made just for those special folks who need a bit more spice added into their busy lives. This is one of the most popular live video chatting sites on the web and now we know just exactly why. Once you’ve had a chance to browse and play around with this fantastic site then you’ll know just why it is rated the best of the best.

Once you decide to use this specialized site you’ll never regret your choice. Don’t hesitate to register as soon as you possibly can so that you don’t miss out on all the special people ready to be watched and treated just right. You will definitely never be lonely again once you’ve decided to join and begin your wonderful search. Searching on this site can only cause you to find exactly what you are looking for.

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Q: What does it cost to Video Chat on ImLive?

A: When you purchase ImLive Credit, you can chat with ImLive Hosts for as long as you have credit in your account. Each Host charges a different price per minute (or per session) to Video Chat, starting from 0.98 up to 5.80 ImLive Credits, priced according to the ratings of other members of ImLive who have visited the Host before.(1 credit = $1)